Body Massage

Type of massages: deep tissue, Swedish massage, and Sports massage.


$70/hour | $105/90mins | $140/2 hours

Couple’s Massage

A couple massage relaxes in the same room together.


Table Thai Body Massage Combo

Combination of deep tissue massage and traditional Thai massage.


Special Combo Massage

90mins combination massage:

  • 1 hour body massage
  • 30mins foot massage includes 5mins soak foot


One Hours Combo Massage

30mins body and 30mins foot massage (includes 5mins soak foot)


Hotstone Massage

Using special heated stones, the masseuse places it on meridian throughout the body.


Foot Reflexology

  • 10mins soak foot
  • 40mins foot massage
  • 10mins head, arms, hands and shoulders


50mins $40

1 hour  $50

30 mins $35

90mins $85

Special Packages

Two Hours Combo massage

  • 90mins body massage
  • 30mins foot massage

$140/2 hours

Two Hours Combo Massage

  • 1 hour body massage
  • 1 hour foot massage includes 10mins soak foot.

$120/2 hours

Organic Coconut oil is $10 extra.

90-Minutes Combo Massage

  • 45mins body
  • 45mins foot massage


Foot Scrub

10 mins head, neck and shoulders 20mins foot scrub and foot massage.


Special Combo

10 mins head, arms and hands, 10mins back, neck and shoulders and 40 mins foot.


40-Minutes Combo Massage

40mins massage:

  • 10mins back, neck and shoulders
  • 30mins foot


Foot Detox

Deluxe foot detox
Combo A $95/80mins 30mins foot detox,
50mins back massage, hand, legs and foot massage.

Combo B $60/50mins

30mins foot detox,
20mins neck, shoulder and hands massage.

Foot Detox  $40/30mins

Prenatal massage

Lie down on a pregnancy massage table to have massage.


Individual Massages

Shoulders & Neck


Head, Arms & Hands


Chair Massage


Face Massage


Based on 75 reviews.
Cristina S.
Cristina S.
First massage in a long time and it was fantastic. I had a 90 minute full body and Loli did so well; I was very tense and she worked to get out all the nots, and the pressure was great. She even brought in hot stones at one point which was lovely. The inside of the massage parlor was nice, clean, and played nice music. Very good price for the service and massage, and got free hot tea after. Highly recommend!
Shamair B.
Shamair B.
Well organized with booking and getting you started in a timely manner. The lovation was easy to find and had sufficient parking. Tastefully decorated. Peaceful ambience. I gave 4 stars bc the actual massage was just okay. My cousin and I both went together for foot massages. The ladies we were assigned were a bit too light handed for our liking even after asking for firmer pressure. They give a little bit of a scalp, arm, and hand massage before moving to the feet. We both have natural curly hair 4a & 4c both clean and moisturized and detangled prior to going there. I say this to say, the ladies seemed intimidated to touch/massage our heads. Other than that, the experience was decent.
Carmen H.
Carmen H.
My boyfriend suggested going to get a massage today, so we looked on Yelp and found this place offered couple's massages. We called around 9:30 A.M. to see if we could make an appointment and to our surprise, the owner stated we could come in at 12:00 P.M. Once we arrived, the owner greeted us, took our temperatures, sprayed our hands with alcohol (COVID-19 precautions)  and walked us to our room. Shortly after, our masseuse and masseur came in. They asked how we were doing, but didn't not introduce themselves. I would have liked them to be a little bit more personable. They did ask for our massage levels, but really that's it. I asked if the beds came with a heating pad, but there was slightly a language barrier and I don't think they understood what I was asking. During the massage, the pressure was great, hot stones were applied and a few stretches were incorporated. Once we checked out, they had hot tea waiting for us, which was a nice gesture. As I was getting ready to walk out, I was reading the menu. It states they will walk on your back during the massage, but it didn't happen during ours. I asked the owner about it and she stated you have to mention it. Next time we go, we will definitely mention it. Overall, the massage was good and we both felt relaxed afterwards. If you're looking for somewhere quick and inexpensive, definitely check this place out.
Kasham L.
Kasham L.
Great prices and responsive to messages. Oversized chairs, comfy for reflexology. Nice ambiance (music and lighting fit for relaxation). Located in midtown, literally right at a bus stop. Be sure to walk the two blocks from this locale to the Ponce City Market. Great food, cool vibe.
Christine F.
Christine F.
Surprisingly AMAZING body massage. A true example of everything happens for a reason. I called every massage facility I could find in/around Atlanta this morning for a massage today or tomorrow. Every single one of them said they were fully booked for holiday (Valentine's) weekend. At the last minute, I noticed the "Feet Spa" also had body massages. At this point, I just needed something! They had all COVID precautions enforced upon arrival. Masks were worn and required, they sprayed my hands with sanitizer and checked my temp upon, and a plexi glass was up at the desk counter. The faculty was very clean. The Spa music was perfect! And the body massage....truly one of, if not the best massage I have ever had. I've traveled a lot and had a lot of high end massages. However, I've already booked my next massage here at the Ponce Feet Spa in a couple of weeks bc it is that AMAZING. If you do not red the other accessories,  such as a sauna, etc, then I highly recommend this place! Super affordable too. Little did I know that this hidden gem was less than a mile from home. Can't wait to become a frequent flyer!
william p.
william p.
My first time there, being new to the city.  It was absolutely impressive with great pricing.  Definitely get more for your buck, great value!! I may make a standing weekly appt.  i suggest you at least try them, you'll be back!
Ksenia F.
Ksenia F.
I've been here a few times now for a couple's massage and enjoyed it each time. The price is reasonable, the rooms are clean, and the people working here are polite. It's Asian owned so expect a slight language barrier when making an appointment. They also have a very varied services menu, anything from foot massage to Thai.
Niesha V.
Niesha V.
I come here often,  today I came for the birthday massage.  Loli was amazing. I always feel so welcomed here.
Logan M.
Logan M.
I just started back at work and was literally crippled. My back was locked up sore to the touch. Then I Took a chance and booked an apt here. As tight as money is till my first paycheck I'm so glad I met Loly. She was skilled, professional, and I honestly feel like I could work another 12 hour shift.  Thanks Loly I'll be back very soon. Best 60$ ever.
Niki M.
Niki M.
Update: I went back after 2 weeks and I had the best massage of my life! May be it was a bad day for the masseuse last time. I would recommend it to everyone. Jenny did excellent!

Organic Coconut Oil is $10 extra. Foot Scrub is $10 extra.

Special instruction: Please tell us if you have any conditions or special requirement for your massage-allergy, to nut oil, recent injuries, or other conditions or circumstances

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Spa Policy


Please leave all jewelry and valuable items at home. Ponce Feet Spa is not responsible for lost damaged or misplaced items such as jewelry, clothing, accessories, etc. It is recommended that personal items or possessions remain safely at home or confined to safe areas outside the boundaries of Ponce Feet Spa.

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